Habemus Principale …

… which means we have a new principal!

I am very pleased to announce that we have selected Mr. David Irving as our new principal to replace our beloved Mr. Roger Parent.  Last Monday morning I met with Mr. Parent; Mr. Galamaga, St. Kevin School board chairman; and Mr. Irving to offer him the position.  He accepted with great enthusiasm.  Many parishioners may remember Mr. Irving as a respected member of our faculty for several years serving in the middle school. He now returns to the “helm” of the ship as we sail into the future with 255 students aboard!  Enrollment increased again for the sixth year in a row—this is a record for the diocese.  Many thanks to Mr. Irving for saying yes to our offer.  He will begin his new duties at the end of July.

Our thanks as well to Mr. Parent, who will stay on for a few more weeks to assist with the transition. Plans are underway for a formal goodbye to Mr. Parent in the fall with a retirement celebration.

Also, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Mrs. Deryeth Dwyer to the position of assistant principal.  Mrs. Dwyer will continue her duties as a Pre-K teacher for two days during the week and as our school counselor on the remaining three days as well as assist with school administrative duties.

We think this a great and talented team that will serve the children in all grades very well. Also, many physical improvements are taking place this summer including the creation of a “Student Center for Success” on the second floor. Thanks to all for your support of Saint Kevin School making it “simply the best” now and in the future!

—Fr. Bob Marciano

Icons of Saint Kevin and Saint Benedict

Please take notice of the icons of Saint Kevin and Saint Benedict located on both sides of the front entrance of Saint Kevin church.  They were blessed and placed there by Fr. Simoneau and Fr. Marciano at the 8 a.m. mass on Sunday, July 2 to mark the yoking of our parishes. May these two saints guide us to greatness of service of the Lord and His church.  The following is the prayer of blessing that was offered:

Let us pray:  Heavenly Father, source of all goodness and peace, we ask your blessing upon our efforts as we and our parishes begin this journey together.  We ask the guidance and inspiration of our patrons, your servants and sons, Saint Kevin and Saint Benedict.  As they gave witness to the world of the faith that we share, and as we bless and display these icons of them, we ask that they watch over us in the days and years ahead.  May we give them honor, and give you glory, as faithful servants of the Gospel of your Son, who is our Lord forever and ever.  Amen.

Whether you’re paying school tuition or your weekly budget, online giving is simple, convenient … and secure

Even though summer is here, it’s not too soon to make tuition payments for the 2017-18 school year, or stay current with your church budget contributions when on vacation by using our electronic giving option. Making payments online is simple, secure, and convenient.

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